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Frequently Asked Questions

1 / What do I bring

Bring your driver's license and Social Security Card if you have it. Your Social can act as your 2nd form of ID. If you do not have your Social, please make sure you know both your number and how your name reads on the card. It is important to notify our tech if the name varies from your SS card to your driver's license. If you don't have your Social ( and many people don't), you can bring another 2nd form of ID. It does not have to have your picture. Voter's Registration, Concealed Carry Permit, A License of some kind, your Medicare or Insurance Card, a Car Registration or Insurance card.

2 / How do I find my ORI code

The ORI code is a critical part of your fingerprint file. It ensures the Florida Department of Law Enforcement knows what regulatory agency to forward the results of your background check to. If you do not know your ORI, we can often help you determine the correct code, however, there are several industries that have multiple codes and we want to be sure to get it right... so ask whomever instructed you to get the prints if they have the ORI code that is needed. If you still have ORI code questions please call our office so that we can help you. 

3 / Where do I get a livescan request form

Livescan Request Forms are generated for people in the healthcare and childcare industry. These employees must be listed in the AHCA/DCF/APD/Dept of Health web portal with a photo (mug shot). Many customers run into problems navigating the portal to completion of the Livescan Request Form. Here are some instructions and links that can help.

4 / Can I have my background check results

Unfortunately, you can not. This background check is conducted for the purpose of employment in Florida (or in the case of hard cards, other States). You are simply marked "eligible" in the system to work in your chosen field. Space Coast Fingerprinting does not have access to your results and that is for your privacy and protection. After you complete the process, you can call the regulatory agency and ask if they will release them to you. Some will, most won't and there might be a fee.

5 / How do I know when my background check is complete

This is important to know, you will not receive a notification. If you are a health care or childcare worker, your employer will look you up in the web portal and see your "eligibility designation". Rely on them to update you on the progress of your background check. If you are filing for a license with any of the agencies under the DBPR, simply wait a week and then submit your license application. Your fingerprints and license application will meet at the agency and it's all based on your Social Security number. When your application is received, the State will check your fingerprint status and if all has been received and  you have passed, they will issue your license.

6 / Why does my file say "awaiting fingerprints" when I completed fingerprinting days ago

This is because the regulatory agency has not yet updated your file. It does not mean we did not send the prints. The first stop for your fingerprints is the FDLE and they conduct an FBI background check. The FDLE completes it very quickly - either same day or within 48 hours. Next step is, they forward the prints (based on the ORI code) to the regulatory agency. On rare occasions, the regulatory agencies will take up to 10 business days to update your file. You can go to  and enter the TCN code that we can issue to you upon request.This will tell you the exact date the regulatory agency received your prints. If it has been more than a week, you can call the agency and check the status. Sometimes, that's all it takes for them to update your record. Included in this email is a list of contact numbers for each regulatory agency. If you want to call them, you must be prepared with your TCN number. Just know that here at Space Coast Fingerprinting we submit your prints as soon as we have your information and prints entered. Your prints are sent the same day that we take them. Sometimes however, the State gets bogged down with processing and the complete process can take 10 days to 2 weeks. (not a common occurrence) Slow downs also occur if your info is incorrect, so be sure to know your accurate social security number and how your name reads on your card. We know how important your background check is to you and we will try to speed up the process as much as possible.

7 / Background screening helpline phone numbers

AHCA Background Screening: (850) 412-4503  
Dept of Health: 850-245-4444  
DCF: 888-352-2849
FDLE: (850) 410-8161
VECHS: Call the FDLE number above
DBPR: 850.487.1395


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